77 laws of success with women and dating review

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77 laws of success with women and dating review

Develop your awareness – notice everything you see 36.Become unbelievably honest and direct when you need to 57.No, this is about accepting that you have to learn how to overcome certain obstacles or principles to get where you want to be. It doesn’t empower you, it makes you less constructive and blocks your creativity. Don’t give them gifts and attention that they haven’t earned. Still, you can look like a bum (if you don’t stink) and still seduce a woman.You may wish to live in system that doesn’t require money to pay for basic human needs, but until that gets fixed, you will have to confront reality and find ways to make some money. It may be true that others have impacted you in very negative ways, deal with that, perhaps with the help of a professional, but then let the past be the past and take responsibility for your actions. The way you look is not the most imporant part of seduction.

His regular newsletter - sent two or three times a week - has become an encyclopedia in itself.Learn how to tell an interesting story about anything 66.Engage her emotions and her body, not so much her mind 68.He has this program called 77 laws of success with women & dating which I heard about from a friend, and so being a huge fan of life advice lists, I did some Googling and found an (almost) complete set of David’s 77 laws. Failure is a made up thing, don’t apply meaning to failure 10.So with special thanks to and its anonymous contributor, here are the ones I found bold-worthy. Evolve constantly and consciously – always seek the next level 14. Travel – if you’re not regularly leaving your bubble you are limiting yourself 24. Prove to yourself over and over that you can cope with “rejection” 34.

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