Aaron carter and hilary duff dating

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Aaron carter and hilary duff dating

December 2000 - 2002Hilary Duff and Aaron Carter began dating, as he says, on his 13th birthday in 2000.

The couple were together for about two years and Aaron later said he was sorry for how he handled the relationship.

"I wasn't really looking for [a response] either.

I'm sure she got the message." PHOTOS: Stars at the i Heart Radio Music Awards In fact, a lot of people got the message, since Carter, 26, tweeted it out to his 421,000 followers.

A marriage of 20 years, the accomplishment of that must feel really great, but there are also huge sacrifices.alum, she has yet to respond to his proclamations of love -- and it sounds like she has no plans to do so anytime soon.PHOTOS: Celebrity exes reunited Asked about Carter's recent romantic revelations while attending the i Heart Radio Music Awards at L."Don't be that stupid douche that loses the love of your life forever...Like me..." he wrote on March 5, along with a recent photo of his ex-love.

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Carter reveals that, to him, true love is "settling down" and "having somebody who is there for you." "Like a ride or die," he adds, before opening up about the couple's recent breakup.