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Adult chat bots online free

It is automated, but it is still clever and fun to use!This is one of the more well-known websites for chatting with Santa. One of the most interesting developments in the chat bot technology areas is the emergence of companies and projects that enable the development of communities of people (botmasters) and bots.

Note: The area to type in may be too low on your screen depending on your computer settings. The second benefit is that we will continue to recruit new generations of young people as they become interested in bots through online chat, web sites, and mass media. We include a database not only of AIML Bot projects but also of closely related AIML spinoffs, as well as proprietary non-AIML languages and companies, and a survey of chat robot software patents. This has the dual benefit that young people grow into adults who will continue to have an interest in this technology as they enter their careers, and will carry the torch of the bot technology into the real world of business, much as early pioneers of PC technology did a generation ago. Parents should always use online Santa chats to be sure the content is in line with family values before letting kids online!Most of these sites are done using “bots” or automated chatting scripts.

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The major online bot communities today include: Project: Pandorabots URL: Principal: Dr. If you know of a project or company that should be listed here but isn't, please send a message to [email protected]