Advice for dating a commitment phobe

Posted by / 16-Mar-2016 23:01

That may be true for some men, but emphatically not true for most.

The fact is, our society encourages men to suppress their feelings, holding up as the role model for manhood the strong, silent type.

In bizarre dating and relationship behavior-land, there is the commitment-phobe.

If you’ve dated a commitment phobic man you might be very familiar with his Pursue/Panic Syndrome: He wants you. (I’ll illuminate my reactions in bold) “Shannon — I have so much to say …

Here’s a little taste of a letter one of my men sent.

Set aside presumptions and preconceived ideas about men and commitment.

If a fabulous woman came along, most men would be thoroughly delighted to commit for a lifetime. It’s just challenging to express them.” Men are often characterized as insensitive, unemotional, and oblivious to anything a millimeter below the surface.

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It’s a vexing issue that has plagued humankind–or at least womankind–for millennia: What really goes on in the mind of a man? These questions probably first came up in the Garden of Eden, when Adam blamed Eve for eating the apple and getting them evicted from Paradise. While it would take volumes to cover everything men want to tell women, here are six of the most prevalent things: “I am not afraid of commitment—I just need to be very, very sure.” It turns out that all this business about men being commitment-phobic is mostly myth.