Android error updating database

Posted by / 28-Feb-2017 09:01

Android error updating database

The first message that you’ll receive before getting the Outlook can’t upgrade your database error, is a message asking you to please upgrade the Outlook database.

Once you click the Upgrade button on that message, you’ll see the following error below: Since I had never really used Outlook before, fixing this issue was basically just a matter of creating a new database or profile.

So now I have no CMS and no frontend what can I do to rectify this problem to either rollback to the previous version or update to the newer one?After doing a bit of troubleshooting, and lurking around the app’s bundle, I was finally able to fix the issue.If you’ve ever ran into the “can’t upgrade your database error” when launching Outlook, then you may want to give this fix a try.Each version of Android has become more dependent on this database to find and organize content.Which means a corruption in the mediastore database can occur more frequently, causing many weird problems. The following tutorial will explain on refreshing the mediastore database in detail.

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I'm Using a Mac Book Pro early 2015 with the latest version of Mac OS Sierra. I have tried downloading Krypton 17 several times but it just says Kodi closed unexpectedly,and wants an error report for Apple.