Argus c3 dating

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Argus c3 dating

The new Argus Quick Clix 5340 is a sharp-looking digital camera in a brushed metal case, with superb optics and a sensor that is capable of resolution of 2560 x 1920 pixels--providing sharp printed images up to 8 X 10 inches.

The original Argus C was equipped with an uncoupled rangefinder which required the user to manually rotate the lens barrel to match the rangefinder reading, while the C2 coupled the rangefinder to the lens to allow one-step focusing.This site is not affiliated with any current incarnation of Argus Camera Company.1936 - 1941 Serial number: on a label inside above the film rails in the format "No.Argus Cameras of Chicago, Illinois is currently expanding its line of consumer-friendly digital cameras.Argus is currently scheduled to launch a 5MP digital camera at less than 0 early this month and is planning to increase its range of sub digital cameras, all under its "more quality for less" marketing mantra.

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