Backdating a claim

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"Good cause" is the term mentioned in the Benefit Regulations, although no definition of it is given.Some examples include: Good cause cannot be established simply because you were unaware of the right to benefit or the time limit for claiming.And, Entitlement ceased in the 31 days before the date the claim was received in an appropriate office because: The claimant started a new job, started self-employment, or increased their hours to 16 or more a week.

You do not need to tell us why you didn't claim sooner.Backdating benefits is sometimes possible depending on the circumstances.The rules about when we can backdate a benefit are different for different groups of people.We will decide if your reasons are good enough to backdate your housing benefit. Sometimes we may need to write to you for more information to help us make a decision.The more information and evidence you provide to support your claim at the time that you request backdating, the more quickly we will be able to make a decision.

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If the claimant is returning to work after leaving benefits and claiming WTC, then it is likely that you will receive automatic backdating.' (3) GOV.

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