Backdating council tax benefit uk

Posted by / 15-May-2017 11:14

Backdating council tax benefit uk

There are separate rules for pensioners and for people of working age. We just need the information necessary to assess your entitlement and you do not have to show any reasons for not claiming earlier.

The maximum period a Housing Benefit claim can be backdated for working age customers is one month from the date you request it.

Housing Benefit and/or Council Tax Reduction is normally awarded from the Monday after the day you made your claim.

However, sometimes we can pay from an earlier date. If you are of pension age, your claim is automatically backdated 3 months, as long as you were of pension age throughout the 3 months, or back to the date you reached pension age if this was within 3 months.

The Pension Service will send details of your claims for Housing Benefit to your council.

Apply through your local council if you’re not claiming other benefits.

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Sometimes Housing Benefit and Council Tax Support customers think we should pay their benefit from a date before we receive their claim. Backdating is sometimes possible but only in limited circumstances.