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Fostering conversations reflects the participatory nature of the new media environment.The experiences are multimedia, multi-channel, often entertaining encounters where the value, in part, is in the good feeling consumers get from engaging with the experience ¬- even if it is a well-disguised ad. is a leading global private equity and alternative assets investment firm with €17 billion of equity capital under management.* Based in Miami, and with offices in New York, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, San Francisco, and Atlanta in the U. specializes in providing both debt and equity capital to small and mid-sized companies, utilizing a flexible and operationally focused/ value-added approach: Since its founding in 1993, H. The firm's current portfolio includes more than 100 companies with combined sales in excess of €22 billion. has invested in and managed more than 200 companies worldwide.

S., as well as international affiliate offices in London, Hamburg, Madrid, Milan, Paris and Rio de Janeiro, H. Packaging plays a vital role in inspiring consumers to reach for your products.Offering one of the most complete product lines in the industry, we're ready to handle almost any label challenge your may encounter. You may not realize that the images that excite your city and brand your businesses – kiosks and marquis, in-store displays and point-of-purchase merchandising, billboards, banners, walls – all possible because of large format.But I “endeavored to persevere”, as Teddy Roosevelt would say, and I was able to stick with a pace of building two billboard faces per month for about 15 straight years.At that point, I had 300 billboard faces, which made me the largest privately owned billboard company in Dallas/Ft. And I did that despite the fierce competition – there were no less than 60 billboard companies operating in Dallas at that time.

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