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CAE Amsterdam is not in the top 3 list because part of their course is done in the USA, something I want to avoid. Just outside Netherlands , Germany: Lufthansa and Daughters are also closed. First of all I am not Dutch, and the main reason I am only considering the Netherlands is because I am a customer at a Duch bank, it is easier for me to pay for my training there instead of another country, plus I got relatives there who can help me with the accomodation part.

Has anyone had any past experience with one or more from the FTOs I mentioned above, which one would you recommend, and why. What is wrong about having your training in another country via a Dutch FTO? But since you have such a big debt , you have to pay the bank between 800-1000 euro interest per month. Have about 900 people who are hired but waiting for training on waiting list. For further information, I suggest you to check Airwork - Piloten Portal - Home about DFA, MFA, Stella, AIS. The main reason I want to do all the training in one place is because I have the choice to, and I can avoid flying over the atlantic and back just to save a couple of months from the two years of training.

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So you will be far from home if you can even find a job. If you even consider to do flight training in a Dutch FTO, then better NLS or EPST. Myself I do my flight training in Lithuania at Baltic Aviation Academy. Another point I would like to mention is about the FTOs and your opinion about them.