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But shortly after they began searching their Hilltop neighborhood June 23, Jeremy Mullins, 7, and Kourtnee Mullins, 8, started walking into an alley with the man, who turned out to be a convicted sex offender.Arthurs confronted the man, and he stabbed her in the heart with a large knife and also stabbed Jeremy in the shoulder, Columbus police say.Before he can, Jeff gets dizzy, his vision blurs, and he falls to the floor unconscious. Hayley explains she has been tracking him and drugged him because she knows he is a pedophile, rapist, and murderer.Jeff denies these allegations, claiming he had innocent intentions.The risks and rewards are running through your head like an investor facing the closing bell of the stock exchange. So I’m trying to conjure up those moments to understand the passion of a Bath Township mom, Jane Kramer, who is petitioning Meijer to dump the junk food, pop and tabloids and fill them with health-conscious foods and child-friendly literature. “I don’t know why I have to say ‘no’ all the time to bad choices when I could be saying 'yes' to healthy choices.”She posted the petition two weeks ago and has 223 signatures so far.To all of this, part of me just wants to say: "Grow a spine" or "No means no." I can guess that Kramer’s petition is met with plenty of eye-rolling out there. I definitely didn’t roll my eyes over another point she made: the uncomfortable conversations born from racy headlines delivered, again at child eye-level, in the magazines in the checkout lane.

BATH TOWNSHIP — If you’ve got a kid, you know the moment."Marijuana comes in many forms," the statement said.The film opens with a sexually charged, flirtatious online chat between 14-year-old Hayley Stark and Jeff Kohlver, a 32-year-old photographer.” and “Shape an Epic A**.”There was also 2017 Celebrity Predictions: Babies! Those included celebrities who were robbed, betrayed or OD’d.The Book of Horrible Questions : Everyone Has a Price, What's Yours?

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