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A prominent international group of cognitive neuroscientists and other experts made a strong declaration, endorsed by Stephen Hawking, affirming that all “nonhuman animals…including octopuses” are sentient and feel emotions such as fear and happiness.The buyer’s desires and experience is what is prioritised.

When the Dalai Lama famously protested “cruelty to chickens” in 2012, it was inspired by an abundance of compassion (see “Dalai Lama and Chickens” below).

As peaceful protests against the Dalai Lama over his ban on the worship of Shugden intensify, his propaganda machine ─ the Central Tibetan Administration (CTA) ─ have endeavored to portray Shugden devotees as a group of violence-prone extremists who collaborate with and are funded by Beijing.

Discrediting those who refuse to bow down to the Dalai Lama’s authority within the Tibetan Diaspora is nothing new.

Behind Tenzin Gyatso’s veneer of enlightenment lies a , committed against the very people he is supposed to protect.

The Shugden community is aptly described as the latest victim of the Dalai Lama’s prolonged attempt to establish an absolute powerbase among the exiled Tibetans throughout the world.

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