Chinese parents interracial dating

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when she was introduced to the Chinese parents, she was treated like a ghost.

So they decided things can't work out and ended the relationship.” How it works: “On a more positive side, a Chinese guy went against his parents' wishes and fought for his Filipina girlfriend.

When she told her parents about her boyfriend, they were less than supportive. My mom called my dad into the room, because ever since I was little I had always listened to him the most. Dad was calm, hoping I could consider the matter practically.

My dad said, “You haven’t been dating John for very long at all — how can you understand him?

They became dramatic, guilt-manipulators, and just down-right offensive.

I always had a strained relationship with my parents so it was not a surprise to me.

There is nothing negative that you can say about him.

I normally am not very interested in reading Chinese online.

I just really can’t get interested in a lot of what’s written about.

Because of their family tradition of being only allowed to marry a fellow Chinese, he had to keep his relationship with Kath for six years from his mom, until he finally gathered the courage to tell her.

The struggle: Jason’s mom didn’t like Kath, at first.

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Due to distance and language barriers, my parents have only met him a few times and were just barely cordial.