Christian zucconi and hannah hooper dating

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Hannah Hooper of Grouplove is the first to admit that she doesn’t care about style as much as she wants people to think she does.

"I have fun with it and I don’t take it too seriously," says the keyboardist and vocalist. Fashion wise, I like to do whatever I can to what I find. It’s not a specific designer, because I have my own vision.

"Seriously, we had only known one another for a few days but are both so inspired and alive when we are together that going to Greece seemed like a magical and natural thing to do" recalls Zucconi.

On Crete, in a small remote mountain village, Hooper and Zucconi met the members of their future band "GROUPLOVE" a year before it was officially formed.

Hannah Hooper met Christian Zucconi late one evening on the lower east side of Manhattan.

They had both been living in New York for years and had never crossed paths before.

It's a totally different change of pace because we've really only been touring with guys.

And suddenly a light appears inside my brain And I think of my ways, I think of my days and know that I have changed. So when you see us there out in the open road You don't need to explain If everything's changed Just know that you don't know. Grouplove is a US-based indie band that formed in 2009 by Hannah Hooper, Christian Zucconi, Sean Gadd, Andrew Wessen, and Ryan Rabin.The members of the band all met by chance in an artist commune in Crete.But I feel this friendship role, and girlfriend, and motherly role. Related: It changes a lot, but it's really been "Borderlines and Aliens," for this tour.I feel like I get a bit of respect from the guys with a kind of female wisdom, which is awesome. A lot of it is that it starts off our encore and I do a lot of headbanging.

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"I had to go through a lot of ripped jeans, skirts that were too short on high stages and other moments," says Hooper before honing in on her onstage style. And Christian, my husband, who is also in the band — we share everything. I am naturally curvy so it shows through in what I wear, but it’s also the way I carry myself.

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