Chronically ill dating site

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Rarely a day passed that Ron didn't hear how his way of doing things was somehow wrong or disliked by Jenny. The first was to help Jenny realize the reasons behind her behavior and how to make healthy changes.

times a great healer Your profile says you are a veteran and a student.

The children would become ill, her husband would have an affair, their money would run out, and she she wasn't really attractive.

Ron's brief attempts at encouragement were always met with an argument.

Now imagine how hard it would be to navigate the dating field while living with a chronic illness.

There is no perfect guide book for those chronically ill twenty-somethings who are looking to mingle and find a partner, but as someone who has been through it all before, I’m ready to share some universal truths with you.

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But as the marital therapy began, it did not take long to understand one of her husband's frustrations—Jenny was negative about almost everything, especially about everything her husband, Ron, did.