Clock not updating Nellie uzbek

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Clock not updating

People have reported that although they have manually set the date/time on their computer, this gets changed by the windows time server ( when connected to the Internet and for some reason it doesn't display the right date/time.

First off, check there aren't any releases at Microsoft's Windows Update Now below are the notes I've had to try and fix this before (personally it was because Microsoft released an optional windows update that fixed my issue.

I tried to set them both to update from the network but neither is updating.

I tried turning the option off and on again but nothing happens.

When you first launch Clock Sync, you'll probably notice that your system clock is already at least a couple of seconds out of sync with atomic time.

Either way, though, start by tapping the three-dot menu button at the top of the screen, then choose the "Settings" option.

Type "w32tm /debug /disable" and press 'Enter' (net stop w32time gave an Error 5 Access denied response! Sending disable private log command to local computer... ) you should get the response " W32Time successfully unregistered" msg. The following error occurred: The specific has been marked for deletion. Type "net start w32time" and press 'Enter' you should get the response "The windows Time Service is starting.Incidentally, I have the same sheduled task running on my W7 32 bit machine and it works OK.during further investigation, I read the following here.It seems like command 1 worked, but the rest didn't.So has command 1 borked it, and how can Ire-enable it?

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