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Additionally, the platform should reduce the physical footprint of the contact centre systems.

The PBX, automatic call distribution (ACD), interactive voice response (IVR), quality monitoring and workforce management components need to be unified, not just integrated.

Within this multi-channel mecca of information a customer can ask a question via any medium and about various topics and not have to be transferred to a differnt call center for the answer.

Not only does this greatly improve the customer experience, but in having everything in one centralized place, a customer's information is only going into one master database allowing for a singular customer view.

Through the consolidation project, workers in the four business centres will be trained to have a broader knowledge of government programs and services.

Irene Monroe from the Together union says staff and their representatives were not consulted before the decision was made."Staff are devastated.

For a consolidated center, it's also important to establish all potential call categories that center representatives could encounter to identify the skill sets that you need.

This analysis is conceptually simple but practically challenging.

The main one is that all elements to be consolidated must support Vo IP to provide greater flexibility in the network.

This allows a smoother transition to the new platform, assists in the consolidation of physical locations, and facilitates handling the different media that contact centres must now process.

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While the functions they perform might not all reside on a single server, each individual piece should no longer have its own physical hardware that needs to be managed, maintained, and upgraded.