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with David the doctor Boi: well this was about what 10 years ago Boi: I was 22 Boi: and living with my gf at the time Boi: things were not going well Dad: okay Boi: so we were breaking up and needed to sublet the apartment Boi: so of course we put an ad in craigslist Dad: kinda typical.. Boi: I said I also fantasized about you fucking me Boi: he smiled Boi: and said come here Dad: go on Boi: so I did and he kissed me Dad: you melted? good move Dad: go on Boi: so I started rubbing it while we were kissing Boi: and I could feel it getting hard Boi: I was getting so excited Dad: were you hard by now? Boi: so he smiled again and grabbed my hand and took me to the bedroom and told me to sit on the bed and he stood in front of me Dad: take charge kinda guy.. Boi: probably 10 years older than me...maybe more Dad: okay.. Boi: nothing at all Dad: ok.Dad: nice Boi: just a lot of sex Boi: chatting Boi: actually never thought I would do anything Dad: lots of young guys start that way Boi: but this guy David and 2 other guys came to see the apartment Dad: ok Boi: so anyway Boi: the first time I saw this guy I have to say I felt really weird Boi: I had never been attracted to a guy like this before ... nice Boi: anyway after that first visit I made up excuses to call him Dad: sweet Boi: he had such a nice masculine, sexy voice Dad: I assume he was older Boi: yes Boi: so they were deciding whether they wanted to take the apartment Boi: this went on for a couple weeks Boi: so after a couple weeks when I knew my gf wasn't going to be there I invited him over Dad: and you weren't advertising for a roommate? Dad: clever Boi: he came over Boi: and so I showed him some things that I thought he should take note of about the apt Dad: k Boi: of course he had seen them before Boi: anyway Boi: we were standing in the kitchen. Boi: I have been having sexual fantasies about you Boi: actually not really Dad: wow.. Boi: he then asked me what I fantasized about Boi: I have to say I started blushing Dad: hot Boi: I said, well Dad: this is so sweet..I totally love all kinds of Age Play Phone Sex, my favorite being any type of Daddy Phone Sex I LOVE FAMILY ROLEPLAY!!!It’s so much fun bringing all of your dreams to a reality, my sweet sultry little voice taking you on a journey to oblivion!We have hot young voices to fulfill your daddy daughter incest phone sex fantasies any time and anywhere- which means here, now, 24/7 and 365!These girls are obviously no taboo lovers of family fun phone sex, which means anything, and we mean ANYTHING goes with them.

good boi Boi: I then pulled the waistband down and freed his cock. go on.Boi: he was running his hand through my hair Dad: what a nice guy Boi: he said, take it in your mouth baby Dad: you had told him it was your first time with a guy of course.. Boi: so I stopped licking and opened my mouth and used my hand to guide it in Boi: yes, I think he understood that Dad: I can see it Dad: go on.. let me stroke while you tell daddy about it Boi: :) Boi: so anyway Boi: I finally have his cock in my mouth and I guess instinct just took over because pretty soon I was jacking him and sucking him and feeling him get harder and harder in my mouth.If you are on the hunt for a daddy, chat with one live on cam and live out your fantasy.Transcript of a hot IM chat I had with a top describing to him my first time: *************************** Dad: tell me about your first time.. never Boi: and I think he sensed that I liked him Dad: nice.. you were really out there Boi: he had a pretty straight face Dad: ok..continue Boi: he could tell I was nervous Dad: duh.. go on Boi: to be perfectly honest I have fantasized about going down on you and having you in my mouth and seeing that he was not repulsed or turned off I turned it up a notch figuring what the hell Dad: hearing that should have made him spring a bone!maybe even that slutty little niece you have been dying to play with!If you adore daddy's little girl phone sex fantasies, and are a fan of teen incest phone sex scenarios you are in the right place!

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he was moaning by now and telling me how good it felt Dad: of course Boi: I enjoyed looking up at his face which was contorted in ecstasy Boi: he held my head and pulled his cock out of my mouth Dad: you are such a true bottom..