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And there was a picture of my face smouldering on top of the pyre because they thought the Harry Potter films were endorsing witchcraft.That was when it hit me how big this thing had become.” But book burnings aside, international celebrity isn't without its perks.And we don’t mean in Professor Flitwick’s class *wink wink*.No magic is necessary because this British beauty naturally can’t keep the fellas away. How many 24-year-olds can say they’re also UN ambassadors?Despite his growing riches, Grint hasn't adopted the typical celebrity lifestyle.

Not to forget she is one of the most stylish celebrities around thanks to her elegant and sophisticated wardrobe that is the envy of fashionistas everywhere.

After they’re a few paces away, Meryl turns to Julia. Their faces look an entirely different shade, somehow.”? “Nothing.” She takes a handful of Cheetos from the bowl next to her.

More people are going to be watching you perform than at any time in your entire career.

Four years after the first Harry Potter film, Watson was a bonafide global star thanks to her critically-acclaimed portrayal of the young Hermione.

Here she's greeting fans at the Harry Potter And The Prisoner Of Azkaban premiere in 2004After trying out a couple of different roles, the British actress is reunited with her beloved co-stars, Daniel Radcliffe and Rupert Grint, at the Harry Potter And The Half Blood Prince in 2009.

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” John mumbles, as he takes out his phone, instinctively taking a selfie..