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When shooting landscapes, the camera’s 26.2-megapixel sensor captures images packed with detail and dynamic range, for images that exude life-like depth and clarity.

Advanced autofocus uses 45 cross-type points to focus with pin-point accuracy, even in conditions as dark as moonlight.

It observed just about everything, recording razor-sharp images of faraway objects in relatively broad views.

Its 48 filters allowed scientists to study precise wavelengths of light and to sense a range of wavelengths from ultraviolet to near-infrared light.

This is a rate of about 144MB per hour or 3.3GB per day.

You can create a Bash script which takes a picture with the camera.

These detectors were very sensitive to the extremely faint light of distant galaxies.

The sample run scripts discussed in Section 2.2, “Sample Run Scripts” show how to set the batch queue resources on several HPC platforms.

The following list suggests the minimal information that should be contained in the report: -1.2 User's Guide).

We do however provide some examples of simple run scripts which should provide a useful starting point for writing your own scripts (see Section 2.2, “Sample Run Scripts”).

No Film Required As with all of Hubble's current instruments, WFPC2 used electronic detectors, not film, to record its images.

In WFPC2's case, four postage stamp-sized pieces of high-tech circuitry called Charge-Coupled Devices (CCDs) collected information from stars and galaxies to make photographs.

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