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Dating a man with a broken heart

While I admit men appear, at times, to let their genitalia rule, we are far more affected by what's in our hearts then what we've led women to believe. " This is the same man whose wife told me that when she threatened to leave him when they were still dating because he wasn't acting like he gave a shit about her and who then proceeded to break down in tears, and begged her to reconsider.

Just not all of us allow ourselves to show it publicly. But I'm never going to let her know I feel that way, let alone share it with anyone else.

The problem is, if you are an overly generous loving woman who always gives above and beyond, you may find yourself in danger of dating a man who will unfortunately take more than his share.

Since our parents married young, they didn't have to experience so many adult relationships not working out. Women don't hurt any less than men, but our hearts are generally more open.

i saw him out couple days ago with other people (mates) and all he did was stare at me all night,i wish i knew wots going through his head when he looks at me the way he didnt smile at all...

so i went over in the end and again he told me he just needs space....

3: You start to overcompensate for him in a way that brings lack into your life.

This basically means that you begin to allow for who he is and his problems so much so that it effects other areas of your life negatively.

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dated a guy for 4 months told me he had a broken heart from his previous relationship as he was cheated on,which would be a year now around this time,he got depressed and worried as he had genuine feelings towards me,and the last month a barrier came up between us and he became distant ..