Dating artillery hat badge

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Dating artillery hat badge

Militia shoulder belt plates date from the 1830s-1880s.

These embellished shoulder belt plates were used for both unit identification and ornamentation.

Since then Gunners have defined their pieces according to their nature, ie guns, mortars or howitzers.

Considering that this WA plate is nickel-plated and not silver-plated, the 1880 era is probably correct for this particular plate, unless it was nickel-plated at a later date. Under the aggressive leadership of Colonel Frank G.

Spiess, it destroyed 113 tanks, 25 SP guns, and 105 pill boxes.

Since then the actual design of the Royal Arms has changed slightly with each reining monarch.

The Corps badge for the reign of our present Queen Elizabeth II is shown above: The Corps Badge used to be worn on an Officer's sabretache and cartouche, and on parts of his charger's saddlery.

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