Dating conn saxophones

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Dating conn saxophones

Having asked the store-keeper to wash the dirty reed under water I played the instrument, which had a loud, clear tone.

Having bought it, I got a real compliment, ‘I’ve often heard buyers play the saxophone, you’re the first one who proved it’.

This saxophone is one of the last of the Artist models to bare the famous “Naked Lady” portrait engraving.

The years 1967 to March 1974 (when Conn moved their brass manufacturing to Abilene, Texas), is a period where at least some of the instruments were inferior in quality In March of 1974 an alpha-numeric system was established: The first character of the serial number indicated the decade; The remaining numbers indicated the production number within the month.

From 1987 on, the two-digit prefix number plus 50 will give you the year of manufacture.

A top-of-the-range pro horn from the 1930s that maintains its status even today Of all the vintage saxes that come through the workshop, the 10M (and its alto counterpart, the 6M 'underslung) really 'does it for me'.

I freely admit to being a fan of modern instruments - I like the slickness of the action, the free blowing feel, the relative neutrality of tone - something which many vintage horns lack.

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