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This article is the final part of our four-part series on teen and young-adult relationship violence, sexual assault and stalking, which often overlap in unhealthy relationships.

When we're hunting out new, exciting and even risky experiences, dopamine's often involved in that sense of wanting that urges us forward.You feel weird because she’s the one who did the breaking up. You think about that off-colored joke at her sister’s wedding that fell on deaf ears, the dinner where you (actually) forgot your wallet as the check arrived, your struggles in bed after drinking too much (this never happened before!) and those first moments while meeting her parents when your throat ran dry.The places you went together and things you shared are constant memories.Most of the mistakes you made seemed innocent enough, but when she gave you the talk, there was obviously a lot more going on than you realized. However, because we’re men and men always want to be the generals leading the charge, a girl splitting up with us is often very hard to take.

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In ordinary circumstances, this might not amount to much.