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Exuding likability, the Ohio-based songstress is an attractive lady with an attractive voice, performing an attractively presented show (her New York debut) at Don't Tell Mama, entitled "Stars, Songs, and Stories." Gorman is benefitted considerably by her crackerjack quartet, led by Barry Levitt, and including Jack Cavari on guitar, Tom Hubbard on bass, and Daniel Glass on drums.

The latter two gentlemen are frequent players at the marvelous Marilyn Maye's New York gigs, and that legendary lady's influence permeates Gorman's entire show: La Maye is the director, and her inimitable stamp is evident throughout, especially in the cleverly conceived medleys (a Maye trademark) and the sunny, positive theme -- no moody, gloomy cabaret act, this.

Hello everyone, I hope this note finds you happy and well? As you may or may not know we have been very busy as of late watching the career of our daughter, India unfold before us.

After her role in Underworld Awakening which has gone on to be the largest grossing in the franchise, India now embarks on her first starring role in the feature film “Kite” which starts filming in South Africa, February, 2013.

In terms of moving the story forward, nothing was missed, nothing was excessive.

Zefirelli retained the essential words that the characters would need to say to communicate and just cut the exposition.

(The British accent helps.) The actor takes the stage on Valentine's Day at the Castro Theatre in a Marc Huestis Presents event which includes a special Q&A prior to a screening of the iconic film.

Leonard Whiting, who brought the iconic Shakespeare character to life in Franco Zeffirelli's 1968 film classic "Romeo and Juliet," might just be San Francisco's most beguiling Valentine's gift this year.

And I would like to give my response to those who thought the crying was a bit over the top.

Well, Zefirelli not only cast age-appropriate actors, but he also set the film in Italy, where it's supposed to be!

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To add to the rave reviews on the perfect casting of the teenage Olivia Hussey and Leonard Whiting, the authentic, colorful costumes, the top-notch supporting cast, the deft camera work, I would like to observe something I haven't seen anyone else say: the cuts that Zefirelli's writers made to the original Shakespeare text exemplify expert screenwriting.

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