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Miller will play a schlubby n’ slobby fast-talking young man who dedicates his life to gambling, drinking, and of course the ladies.

An underachiever, the character will jump into action to help out his naked friend in need, brining his dramatically more responsible roommate along for the ride.

But Redditredpill shared his story in earnest with a very specific community that empathizes with his perspective. The basis of this philosophy, which underpins almost all conversations in his community, is that females get away with things by virtue of being female.

Welcome to The Red Pill, an Internet community on Reddit s, some going so far as to argue that society is outright anti-male.

Paris, who's been dating Snoddy for a few weeks, doesn't seem to mind, but her family thinks the fact that his tat was strategically placed for all to see is an omen about his feelings toward African Americans.

We spoke with Snoddy, who scoffed at the claims and said, "I wouldn't be dating a black girl if I were a racist." That answer might not fly with the Jacksons, so we're guessing his other defense could be he's a fan of Pantera's album, "Cowboys From Hell." Notice the "CFH" on the tat.

And I tried to go to a group of girls and that failed too, as they thought they were superior.

But the most poignant aspect of the birth episode was the end game; now that she has a child, the tale of Debbie Gallagher has come full circle.Red Pill followers have their own politics, language, and culture.And they're growing: Eight months ago, Red Pill had only 100 followers. The Red Pill is a collection of ideas encompassed by what its subscribers refer to as the "manosphere," a number of loosely-associated blogs that focus on masculinity and personal philosophy for men. As long as it makes big bucks, sometimes your worst work will lead to your biggest break.Case in point would be screenwriter Scot Armstrong, a longtime collaborator of director Todd Philips who will now be making his directorial debut thanks to his script for .

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At the surface level there's nothing terribly contentious about this, but if you click around one or two layers deeper, you'll find plenty of examples why chatter from this gallery regularly turns heads.

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