Dating the same girl

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However, at the end of the video, as their plan is carried out, it is in fact Usher and R.Kelly who are shocked, as the tables are turned and it is revealed that they were not, in fact, dating the same girl as they had come to believe; the girl just happened to have an identical twin with an identical car, license plate, ankle tattoo, beauty mark, and child as well as an identical penchant for Waffle House despite living over 700 miles away from her sister; in addition, both possessed a blue and pink phone which they would alternate occasionally.Please register to participate in our discussions with 2 million other members - it's free and quick!Some forums can only be seen by registered members.You’ve finally met the girl of your dreams: she’s pretty, loves video games, sports, can carry an intellectual conversation, and she charms the socks off of everyone she meets. If you feel like you should do the chivalrous thing and step aside to let your friend win the girl, you might be surprised to know that it may not be what the girl or your friend wants. As with any well-structured battle plan, there are always risks to consider when going up against a friend.

You aren’t entitled to a person’s affection just because you said it out loud first.

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While it may sound juvenile for your friend to ditch out on your bromance just because of a girl, consider this: your battle is as much about pride as it is about winning the girl. What’s more, rejection sucks, whether you’ve known the girl for a day or a year.

Odds are the losing party is going to have a bruised ego after all is said and done, and may not be able to recover from it, making the sight of you and your new girlfriend the last thing he’ll want to see.

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