Dating website for dog owners

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Dating website for dog owners

We wanted to provide a way for people to connect on a national scale.” The site came about in late 2013, developers testing an algorithm to accurately match animals and people for over a year afterward.Shelters partnered with the website to feature their animals there, in order to help them find good homes, and started a beta program in Florida in August.Dating websites aren’t exactly new, but what about dating websites for dogs?That’s certainly a unique idea and it’s one that Match Puppy’s Michael Chiang came up with when he decided that it was simply too time-consuming to find a breeder for his three year old maltese, Louis.They’re dependent on me, so they’re my first priority,” he says. I dated girls who didn’t like dogs and got jealous of them.

They can sign up to one of the many new dating sites, specifically targeting singletons with dogs.

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There’s one thing you can always say about dog owners and that is that they truly love their dogs.

I would wager that many of them would put the welfare of their dog over that of a relationship. This makes dog lovers a special breed of pet owner, and now, a new trend has started up in the US, where these like-minded people can meet.

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In many ways, picking a pet is a lot like picking the love of your life – it’s necessary to find someone with a compatible personality, interests, and an attitude you can get along well with.

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