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I remember schlepping over to Kinko’s with a 3×5 print in tow, praying I wouldn’t have to ask for help scanning it.

I feared the guys with those dorky blue aprons would be snickering behind me, judging that look on my face to be lonely desperation rather than the computer-induced confusion.

Chalkley was a fine taxidermist and also had a large hardware shop in the square in the centre of town.

This rifle would have been sold from the hardware store.

Thanks to advances in technology, there now are infinite possibilities to find love at the convenience of your keyboard.

Online dating has evolved considerably from the time I first posted my own profile.

We’ve come a long way from the days of letting the local yenta (most often your mother) make your matches.[IMG][/IMG] In the picture above you can make out 'W Chalkley- Winchester'printed on the end of the pistolgrip [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] Here are left and righthand views of the triggerblock area, showing the serial number on the lefthand side, and the position of the No.12 sight on the trigger block (more about that later) [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] Here are two views of the trigger and trigger guard, with the trigger adjustment screw going through the front of the triggerguard.A small spanner was supplier with each rifle in order to adjust the trigger pull before locking off the screw with the small locking nut.Here is a nice example of an Improved model D Air Rifle in 'Standard' or 'Ordinary' length of 43 1/4", in No.1 Bore (.177) The rifle is fitted with the No.12 aperture sight, which slots into its own milled out recess in the trigger block of the rifle.The details of this rifles production batch are - Period of Manufacture - Dec 1911-Feb 1912 Period of dispatch - Dec 1911-Oct 1913 [IMG][/IMG] [IMG][/IMG] The rifle is fitted with a walnut pistolhand stock featuring fine hand cut chequering at the pistolgrip and a metal butt plate [IMG][/IMG] Another wonderful feature of this rifle is that the end of the pistol grip is marked with a retailers stamp for William Chalkley of Winchester in Hampshire.

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Were we able to take a photo from our cell phones, but not upload them to our JDate mobile profiles – Dayenu.