David deangelo mastery with women dating

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David deangelo mastery with women dating

Then I read a few scientific books on the matter: Sperm Wars (Robin Baker), The Mating Mind (Geoffrey Miller), and Red Queen (Matt Ridley). Having read The Selfish Gene and being knowledgeable in system dynamics and game theory, I understood the natural selection pressures that make our attractions different.

But this still didn’t give me insight into how to attract higher quality women.

This is your starting point on transforming your life into all it can possibly be.

David De Angelo is your average guy who’s figured out what genuinely works with women — no tricks, no games, no manipulation.“The things I was learning from books and seminars… “By hanging out with guys who intuitively got the attraction game, watching what they did, modeling them, and understanding their beliefs and how they saw the world — that was how I figured it out.I started to see patterns that no one else was talking about anywhere else.” David’s newfound knowledge and desire to help millions of lonely single men is what inspired him to create Double Your Dating LLC.I read a ton of books on the subject and it was all gimmicks.Nothing actually explained why women were different from men and what actually attracts them.

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