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Pretty members were plucked from their families for a life of slavery and confinement and the others are brutally slaughtered. This is what happens in Taiji every single year and it is one of the most brutal, inhuman things on the planet.

(via Ashley)Dolphins ripped from their very maternal mothers and when those mothers go to their babies, they’re stabbed. The Government of Japan, Marine parks, Aquariums, Sea World, and Swim-with-dolphin attractions pay top dollar for these dolphins.

Just as often a plugin or theme is created because it serves to help Word Press users express themselves or share their thoughts easier–not just get more users/customers.

Microsoft has made it easy to have all of your RSS content stored in one place and accessible from all of these different points.

Also, Microsoft has created a COM API for the CFL that allows programmers to write applications that use the Common Feed List.

Normally all of us uses Google Feedburner Service and some kind of redirection towards the Feedburner’s URL – either via Plugin, Theme or .htaccess rules.

The situation is complicated as the error can be from any point – origin, in transit and in delivery.

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Being the first application to ship with the Common Feed List, Internet Explorer 7 is the best place to start.

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