Dependencyproperty binding not updating

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It checks if a local value is available, if not if a custom style trigger is active,... This method resolves the value by using a value resolution strategy that is explained in detail below.

If a local value is available, it reads it directly from the dictionary.

By convention, the name of the field should end with .

The first parameter is the name of the property itself (without the suffix).

This is interesting in itself as it means that the context for data binding with x: Bind is the page itself, in contrast to the default Data Context of null when using Binding.

To create a Dependency Property, add a static field of type to create an instance of a dependency property. If you set the property from XAML the Set Value() method is called directly.This question on stackoverflow which references the Windows 10 jumpstart videos (prid=ch9courselink) raises the topic of compiled data bindings.Let’s start with a simple expression: When you add this to a page and run it, you’ll see the Type name of the page displayed in the Text Block (eg Compiled Data Binding Sample. In order to examine this further let’s create a simple custom control with a dependency property and corresponding change handler: When this is run we can set a breakpoint on the Debug. What’s interesting is that the new Data object is the instance of the page that is hosting the control.In other words, the value being passed into the binding expression is the page itself (in this case an instance of Main Page) – this explains why in the Text Block showed the type name, as this is the default To String() value.

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The last parameter is optional and can provide a default value for the property and/or a method to call whenever the property changes.

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