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ean Boswell (Lucas Black) stands out among the crowds in his Phoenix, Arizona high school.Not only does he not fit the mold, but he is further alienated from his peers by repeated relocations that are a direct result of his previous brushes with the law.Collins English Dictionary - Complete & Unabridged 2012 Digital Edition © William Collins Sons & Co. If you enter the initials "SEX" on the high score screen, the game will show you this amusing message.You were in love with Ironhide and you were there that fateful day he was offlined.You didn't cope well, and this drabble fic will give you glimpses into how badly a spark broken human will fall when your center of the universe is gone. Heavy on angst and destructive behavior, and possibly the stickiest interfacing in fanfiction history. Well, this begins with the fight with Optimus and Lockdown - where he basically gets sliced in half with Optimus' Knight's sword from the arm of Lockdown's ship.

After five or so years, he does return, still with the seed in his possession. Warning: Human/Cybertronian AKA Cade/Optimus (Will end up being Cybertronian! ) When people ask Drift what he loves the most about Crosshairs, his answer is both easy and unexpected.

But with his return, Yeager seems to find it hard to live the possibility that Optimus will leave again, so naturally he avoids the big mech. Cade/Optimus) Some stand-alone drabbles, some WIPs for full-fledged fics that never came to fruition, most of it porn, all in the Michael Bay movieverse. ♥Last update: hole in one (Megatron/Starscream) Drift is just starting another day on Earth when a knot in his pelvic plating alarms him. A ficlet about first impressions and finding someone that makes the pill of the past a bit easier to swallow.

Optimus notices and something interesting happens to the both of them! He calls to his mate Crosshairs for help, but he can't unless they want a sparkling running around! *wink wink* When Crosshairs and Drift have a little sparkling named Ken they couldn't be happier.

Animals such as fig wasps and certain parasites regularly mate with their siblings, and selfing is common in many of the most aggressive weeds of agriculture.

The advantage is presumably ecological, since a single female can then colonize an empty resource or host.

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