Email widget not updating

Posted by / 01-May-2017 18:47

Email widget not updating

Setting Dashing.debug Mode = true I can see the data is making it as far as the browser, but the widgets fail to update.Hitting refresh in the browser causes the page to load with the correct values. Most widgets have data inserted via a curl request, although one is using a job. After a while all widgets do not update anymore, which is also visible in the updated At Message. Widget.receive Data (anonymous function) (anonymous function) Connection error Connection opened For us, there are no errors at the console at all - with debug mode on you can even see the new data coming in, but the data doesn't updated.I have been through the settings of email and deselected options and selected them again with no results.

When you build websites in Muse you can add Form widgets to pages to allow visitors to submit messages to a specific address via email.Keep in mind that when you publish trial sites, they are hosted on the Business Catalyst servers.Always test the content on your live site after publishing the site to other hosts to confirm that the site features continue to work as expected.I have discovered that the list of email messages in the corporate email widget stops updating shortly after a reboot. If I tap the widget to open email, I find many new, more recent, messages in my inbox. I'm trying to write an Android widget that updates itself to different messages in text[].

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