Ethiopian dating and culture

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Ethiopian dating and culture

Ask any Ethiopian what the most important Ethiopian dish is, and they will consistently answer doro wat (also spelled wot).Doro wat was originally specific to Amhara culture, but researchers say that increased mobility within Ethiopia has diminished the cuisine’s locality, and its food traditions have become more widespread.With over 80 different Ethnic groups with their own language, culture and traditions.The strong religious setting, celebrations and festivals play an important part in every ones daily life.

Ethiopia's Islamic tradition is also strong and offers colorful contrast, particularly in the eastern and south-eastern parts of the country.Doro wat thus became elevated as the quintessential Ethiopian dish.Although the stew is almost always on Ethiopian menus, this is more for the sake of diners who don’t have the chance to eat this at home.Its nations and nationalities speak more than 80 different languages.Two of the world's major religions (Christianity and Islam) and other less-known faiths are practiced in the country.

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Ethiopia is an ancient country with rich history and culture dating back to the past millennia.

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