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Remember, each type of abuse is serious and no one deserves to experience abuse of any kind.If you recognize any of these warning signs in your own relationship, you can always call, chat or text with a loveisrespect peer advocate. Physical abuse is any intentional and unwanted contact with you or something close to your body.Does your partner limit your access to work, money or material resources? Have you ever felt obligated to have sex, just to avoid an argument about it? Has your partner ever thrown away your belongings, destroyed objects or threatened pets? Your partner might control your finances, make plans for you, or not tell you what his plans are until the last minute.He may talk about you to others behind your back, to isolate you from them. The brainwasher controls the victim's time and physical environment, and works to suppress much of the victim's old behavior.Emotional abuse can be present in schools (bullying), communities, workplaces and in the worst case scenario - the home.Emotional abuse signs can be difficult to discern and may be judged as "the child's fault." Verbal abuse and neglect often take place under a veil of secrecy.You might have gotten moved to a new location, farther away from your family and friends.Dating abuse is a pattern of behaviors one person uses to gain and maintain power and control over their partner.

Does your partner isolate you from friends, family or groups? Does your relationship swing back and forth between a lot of emotional distance and being very close? The brainwasher keeps the victim unaware of what is going on and what changes are taking place.

An abusive partner will railroad discussions, so that you don't have time to think about what's right and what's wrong in their behavior. Your partner might have behaved as though these things were okay, even though it's obvious that they aren't okay...: Do you feel that you can't discuss with your partner what is bothering you?

Does your partner frequently criticize you, humiliate you, or undermine your self-esteem?

If you’re the victim of emotional abuse, you may feel that there is no way out of the relationship or that without your abusive partner you have nothing.

Emotional abuse includes verbal abuse such as yelling, name-calling, blaming, and shaming.

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When people think of domestic abuse, they often picture battered women who have been physically assaulted.

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