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Hanna verboom dating

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Born in Belgium, Verboom spent her early childhood in the African nations of Kenya, Uganda and Sudan.

After going to The Netherlands Hanna worked as a model and won the Dutch Elite Model Look 2003.

Hanna was one of the challengers in the megastar explanation of Peking Express.

Hanna Verboom Location of Birth: Vilvoorde, Belgium.

(2008), Spuiten en slikken (2007), De wereld draait door (2007), Peking Express (2006), Reel Comedy (2005), The Making of ‘Snowfever’ (2004), Top of the Pops (2004), Top of the Pops NL (2000).

Hanna Verboom made her motion picture debut in 2004 playing the female lead in the Dutch film "Snowfever", directed by Pim van Hoeve, and currently hosts the Dutch National TV channel BNN's weekly music show "Top of the Pops".

Hanna is too performer and had her original job exhibited in the Amsterdam circle in 2004.

After moving to the Netherlands, Verboom worked as a model and won the “Dutch Elite Model Look 2003″.

Verboom spent her early childhood in the African nations of Kenya and Sudan.

Besides her acting Hanna is a painting artist and had her first work exhibited in the Amsterdam gallery in 2004.

Hanna will appear with Rob Schneider performing the female leading part in the feature film 'Deuce Bigalow, European Gigolo'.

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