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Improve communication between dating couples

We know it can be difficult to place all your faith in a partner, especially after they've hurt you.

For the greater good of your union, both of you must work as a team to not only repair, but foster an environment that promotes trust. Forget those corporate trust-building free fall exercises.

But if the same comments were preceded by a compliment, people would be vastly more open to consider what they are being told. Family Life Specialist, University of Illinois Extension Associate Professor, Human and Community Development University of Illinois 2006 Christopher Hall, 904 W.In fact, the emotional layer of communication may be one of the most important for couples.So if you need to express your dissatisfaction to your spouse (and who doesn't?! Attacks are indictments that are leveled like criminal charges in a court of law.), try to begin speaking by offering a few words of approval. They are pronounced in a self-righteous tone which almost always elicits defensiveness. " The best way to avoid attacking your spouse is to try to frame your comments using "I" statements to express your feelings.

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different ideas of what communication does and doesn’t mean.