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Irridating aluminum

Time-resolved measurements of the ionization states of warm dense aluminum via K-shell absorption spectroscopy are demonstrated using betatron radiation generated from laser wakefield acceleration as a probe.

Feng, "Dynamics Research on High-Energy and Microsecond-Pulse Laser Irradiating Aluminum Target Underwater", Advanced Materials Research, Vols.

The results show that for both conditions, the X-ray yield rises with increasing the porosity and the increase rate is almost equal in both cases; however, the calculations are not appropriate for estimating the absolute values of the X-ray yield when the plasma opacity is ignored.

Last year we wrote an article about how new steel grades were driving PMI programs in automotive manufacturing.

In this paper, in order to explore the interface interaction between the high-energy microsecond laser and underwater aluminum target material, the solid-liquid interface pressure field, turbulence and the distribution of the flow field are observed.

Research shows that during the interaction between laser and target material, the speed of mixture in the light spot area smaller than that in the speckle fringe.

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The measured absorption spectra are compared to simulations with various ionization potential depression models, including the commonly used Stewart-Pyatt model and an alternative modified Ecker-Kröll model.