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Is kym whitley dating rodney

Wendell, Kym’s friend and “Hollywood husband,” opens up about his struggles with his sexuality and leans on his friend, Omarosa (“The Apprentice”), for support.

Joshua’s father figure, Rodney, attempts to repair his relationship with Kym and change his stubborn ways.

Kym's friends, "The Village," find themselves in a heated disagreement and Kym calls Judge Mablean to hold an intervention.

Meanwhile, Wendell's good friend Omarosa ("The Apprentice"), brings in a love coach to help Wendell face his dating fears.

The two teamed up for the collaboration which failed (miserably) to live up to the hype surrounding both pop icons.

It seemed like these two were more focused on showing just how much they resemble each other in the video rather than focusing on producing a hit track.

He has developed many products that he has sold on QVC.

Detailed show descriptions are below: RAISING WHITLEY (Season Two Premiere, Saturday, January 3 at 9 p.m.

This season, Kym is ecstatic when her sitcom, Young & Hungry," gets picked up for another season, but questions how she will balance important mommy time with Joshua and long work days.

Kym's good friend, Mickey, offers to help out and moves in with Kym, but when weeks turn to months, Kym starts to wonder if her friend will ever leave.

We see how Reggie Bush pursued the look-a-like version of his ex Kim K after all.

and Beyonce Bey is often accused of stealing choreography from her Colombian pop star Shakira, but the sultry singer doesn’t seem to mind all that much, seeing that Bey is her sister from another mother.

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