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WWE attempted something almost exactly like The Final Deletion when they sent the New Day to the Wyatts’ compound, and that was pretty much a disaster that was never spoken of again.

They’re using new camera angles and more vignettes in the wake of the brand split, but things still look way more like Raw and Smackdown than they look like Lucha Underground or whatever it is the Hardys are doing.

Other wrestlers set to feature include current WCPW champion Joseph Conners, Joe Hendry, Rampage, Martin Kirby, El Ligero, Joe Coffey, Prospect and Primate, with others to be confirmed.They met while both working in the WWE, but they didn’t actually start dating until after Edge was forced to retire from wrestling due to injuries, according to Wrestling Inc. on the WWE Network, and he said in an interview with that it’s because of Beth’s support that he’s able to make the time for this.“Beth has been, somehow, chasing around a two-year-and-four-month-old, taking care of four dogs, maintaining the household and getting a master’s degree in forensic psychology, all at the same time, while I go and act like a moron with my lifelong best friend,” he said.He wouldn’t be able to finish his studies because his father became ill.Matt would later attend Sandhills Community College to receive his associate degree.

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