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Her articles have appeared in publications including books.

You can find episodes of her popular 10 Minute Astrology series on You Tube, and on the web at Heavenly Truth. What is the difference between your specialty (Western/Tropical Astrology) and Chinese/Indian/Vedic astrology?

The staff of the journal Kronos played a very large role in presenting some of the data contained in this book. This paper was later edited and presented in a book, Scientists Confront Velikovsky, published by Cornell University Press.

On a more practical level, one fundamental difference between Western Astrology and Vedic (Jyotish) Astrology is in how the twelve signs divide the sky.

Each system starts Aries at a different point in the sky and calendar, for example.

But none of the possible origins of astrological ideas (revelation, paranormal, analogy, observation, theory) are plausible.

Astrologers can explain away wrong chart interpretations by blaming the symbolism, chart factor, method, data, astrologer or client.

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Abstract -- Most research reviews are concerned with empirical findings.