Katie couric craig ferguson dating

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Katie couric craig ferguson dating

This debut episode took a reasonable shot at achieving both of these objectives with the additional goal of introducing a largely unknown host to a potential new audience.

Eschewing any attempt at a topical monologue, he told the audience he came from High Wycombe, that he was the proud father of two kids, that he was well aware how lucky he was to stumble into this job, promised to never disappoint the viewing audience and then grew tearful when introducing his parents who had made the journey to Los Angeles for his first night.

Josh Robert Thompson, a Star Wars über-fan, tweeted: George Lucas, the Force is strong with you. Tuesday on the Late Late Show, Craig has an extended conversation with TV host Jay Leno.

On Wednesday, October 31 Singer Demi Lovato and actor David Morrissey.

It would be premature to pass judgement on James Corden’s fledgling career as a late night talk show host on American TV on the basis of a single episode. The onus on Corden is only to be adequately entertaining and produce a few clips with the potential to go viral the following morning.

Corden’s predecessor, Craig Ferguson, lasted ten years on a show that few watched and even fewer talked about, and walked away of his own volition.

Meanwhile, Corden, rushing out of his presenter’s chair, dashes over to where he thinks Couric is, frantically asking: “Are you okay? ” The joke is broken by Couric’s appearance at the top of the stairs, shouting: “Up here James! ” By this point Corden – who apparently knew nothing about the planned prank – is also on the floor.

For the past three years, he's been quietly establishing a reputation in the United States as the host of The Late, Late Show on CBS, the comedy chat show that follows on directly from David Letterman and attracts a fanbase of insomniacs, college students and returning party-goers who turn on the telly to try to sober up before they go to bed. When it emerged a few days ago that his show had started winning the ratings battle against the direct competition – Conan O'Brien's late-night programme on NBC, it surprised just about everyone except the 1.8 million or so viewers who tune in to him regularly.

"Up here, James," the real Couric said from atop the stairs while her stuntwoman doppelgänger revealed herself. " Corden clutched his hands to his heart before lifting Couric up and bringing her to the chair. We were talking about those stairs and I thought, ' Oh my God.

"That was the most terrifying thing," the host said. Katie Couric just died.'" Corden seemed less terrified on his first show last week, when the host welcomed Tom Hanks to recreate most of his filmography in less than seven minutes.

Craig Ferguson has made something of an art of lowering expectations about himself and then sneaking up on his audiences, almost unawares, and worming his way into their heart.

He's been unknown for so long – or, rather, out on the very margins of show business celebrity – that his obscurity has, in some ways, turned into his greatest asset. The need to ask the question addresses the point all by itself.

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