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Leon lai shu qi dating

Critical commentary perceived the film as a metaphorical comment on the end of British rule in Hong Kong after the handover to Chinese sovereignty in 1997.

The film was nominated for 12 Hong Kong Film Awards (including best picture), winning for best song.

On New Years Day 1997, a car accident in London, England claims the lives of Raphael (Lai) and Vivian (Shu).

The couple was once young lovers during their days at the University of Hong Kong in the 1970s, but had drifted apart and eventually ended up marrying other people and raising their own families.

However, they reunited in the 1990s and their love partially rekindled.

After their funeral, Raphaels son David and Vivians daughter Suzie learned of their parents affair and embark on a journey to discover their secret lives. The film was deemed a modest commercial success, grossing HK million in its 1998 Hong Kong theatrical release.

The secret Las Vegas marriages of two Heavenly Kings and a pop princess have come to light in one weekend, after the death of the father of Lau's companion, Carol Choo, sparked queries about the star's marital status.

Flash-forward six years to 1998 and Bill is a mega-tycoon, presiding over millions and dating a Chinese actress/Japanese idol named Joey (Shu Qi, in what could possibly be a Joey Wong parody).Lai's romance with Gaile has been his most public one, even before the couple married.He met her in 2000, when he was still linked to actress Shu Qi, and dated her openly from 2005. After their marriage, he spent HK million (S million) on a luxury home, said Apple Daily.“Even with all the twists and turns, it was meant to be him after all,” another romantic sighed happily.The refreshingly low-key wedding was in sharp contrast to the over-the-top nuptials between celebrity couple Huang Xiaoming and Angelababy, who reportedly splurged Rmb200 million to host 2,000 guests in Shanghai last October (see Wi C300).

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