Leopard updating boot caches

Posted by / 24-Dec-2016 00:38

Leopard updating boot caches

I have installed Leopard on a partition on my Mac Book.

I then updated using Software Update and then restarted but it will not restart.Spotlight is probably the greatest feature to hit the Mac OS in years, once you get used to using it, going to a PC without it feels hopelessly inadequate.I use Spotlight for everything from launching applications, retrieving pictures, searching for old emails, literally just about everything. If you are using Spotlight, every now and again, the Spotlight menu mysteriously stops working (apparently this is more common since some OS X updates), and we’re going to give you a few methods to troubleshoot Spotlight and get it back in full working order.I have tried to leave my Mac Book for half an hour but it is still hanging on the desktop wallpaper and pointer.It is very necessary; whenever you install a new kext, if you don't update the caches it renders the driver ineffective!

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