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I got a cheap phone just for this, so, message me if you're interested. A hopefully interesting male with a number of talents who is to keen to enhance life in as many ways as possible. My background is in retail and in education ,but I am open-minded to any person who would like to contact me;so why not do it ? So if you like the look of this, let me know please and maybe tell me something about yourself. am rely honest God fearing person & am 25yrs old hi , i am looking to find a penfriend, only interested in women please, i am a shy person, looking to find someone special, friendship, possibly more.

i have a kind heart and a great out going personality. I'd just like some new friends, and I think that the small talk is therapeutic.. I'd like to stress that people without profiles or outside the USA will be flatly ignored. so am here to find friends who will change my life, i like travelling & adventuring, swimming, sports, children.

Hi there, I'm an iraqi that lives in brighton that is going out of her mind with bordom!!! Take care Shamin Marhaba sabaya (ladies) I'm Mona and I'm Palestinian living in leicester and i have a baby boy named Hassan and he's 16 months old - I've not been on here for soooooo long as I had given up finding any arabic or arabic speaking mummies!!! i cant beleive you guys all live sooo far away from me its such a shame! i was studiying then had to give it up for motherhood but im loving it. I am trying Inshallah to learn more arabic but hubby doesnt want to teach me because i would be able to tell his Mum all the naughty things he does lol. Can i be so rude to ask anyone if they have any recipes they would like to share, i am looking for sweet things, biscuits, cakes etc. you are a mother and that means you are a strong woman.Seeing as you were asked to make a "fake" profile you will find that 70% of the people who use the site are fake, it just makes sense to create a fake profile yourself to fit in; Here is a website of Chathour fakes created by users of the site who themselves have sad lives.That being said and done the normal population of this chat website usually reside in friendly chat.The worst part of it is the pedophiles that constantly roam the rooms looking for young girls to e-deflower, all of these people when confronted about their addiction to Chathour laugh and brush it aside.If you ever visit this site be sure to make yourself out to be a 13yr old girl with cute pics because we know you're also fucked in the head and will do possibly that to get some penis.

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It would be easier if i knew Arab people., the only Arab i know is Moroccan, except the language is completely different to classical arabic im learning. Shame you had a terrible time in Tunisia, my neice went there she loved it. If we don't go soon we wont be able to go as I cant tolerate the weather when its hot. Hopefully speak to you soon, take care Shamin Hi Shamin, Another ARABIC: HOURAAAAA [smilie=049.gif] AHLAN, AHLAN (welcome, welcome). i did my pharmacy degree here (Brighton Uni) at the same time as having my first son...

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  1. Indian men don't make the best partners, or so everyone believes. They were all sent to co-ed schools, made to sit next to girls, and yet, most of them never had any female friends while growing up.