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When you employees are fit and feel safe in their working environment that your company provides, they will perform well and help the overall growth of your business.

Taking this into consideration, Spiramid offers a Health and Safety Assessment software that will aid you in detecting any quality control issues you may have due to lack of performance.

I think this is a great compromise,takes very little time and makes good opportunities for study.

Also, it goes WAY faster than doing the shading with pencil as I was doing it before.

Our standard timeframe allows for documents of less than 2,000 words to be returned within one to three business days.

We apply our three-step translation process to every document received; this allows us to deliver a finished product that is polished and meets our high quality standard within customer time requirements.

OPTIMUM employs time management strategies in order to be as flexible as possible.

At RAM Enterprise, Inc., Safety is our # 1 Priority and our most important goal.

Check out some of the work of other amazing contributors HERE. It’s been a while since I moved but I still have great memories of sketching with friends over there. After drooling over Daumier’s work for so long, I started taking some liberties, pushing and pulling things in and out of the light for staging purposes.

Spiramid is well aware of the fact that the safety and health of your employee’s are the key elements of running your business successfully.

Proceeds financed the Ronald Searle exhibition in San Francisco. The flat geometric shapes were really fun to draw, but this doesn’t do justice to the scultpures at all.

I chose to represent the crazy street chess players of market street.

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I still prefer oil for its “buttery” quality, but this does the trick in terms of practicality, and I’ve started to really enjoy some dry brush effects.

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