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Relocate your visual deterrent device(s) from time to time to maintain its effectiveness in keeping away the bird pests.It is not the first time a violent swan has featured in the news.“In years gone by, when swans were prized game, these myths of them being able to break your arm were put about by proprietors to keep people away from their birds,” he said.“Then turkeys came in from America and swans went out of fashion in terms of game, through the myths remain.” Because, Barber says, the aggressive swan is a myth.But you can prepare yourself for the variability of real-world hunting by becoming a more experienced and instinctive shooter.

On any sporting clays course there are stations set up to mimic decoying mallards, overhead geese, springing teal, and other types of shots commonly encountered while waterfowling.Following are five of the most common waterfowl shots that you can practice on the sporting clays course, as well as advice from expert shooters on how to break these targets and improve your wingshooting skills.For many, this is the ultimate moment in duck hunting.Visual deterrents provide a cost-effective solution for open areas where they can easily be seen by approaching birds.They also increase rates of success of sonic and ultrasonic units when used simultaneously.

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Visual scares ar Birds have excellent eyesight & are frightened by unexpected visual signals or recognizable predators.