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Equally important is the knowledge that once you have installed a system in your refrigerator or your whole house, replacement filters will be readily available.

The best water filters are the ones that are cost-effective, easy to replace and available when needed.

Try checking the product description for more information, or click "See all parts that fit" to see a list of products that are confirmed to fit your model.Anytime you make a purchase with Water Filters Fast your satisfaction is guaranteed.We installed this S-S built ~ 6 months ago (new home construction).We noticed these loud clanking, whirring and groaning noises from the first day it was delivered. I would caution anyone who is considering a Samsung refrigerator to reconsider. Within a couple of months the bottom plastic piece cracked, there was ice in the bottom of the pull out drawer that froze, and NOW... Since it is a dual cooling system my refrigerator section is also warm. I have never spent over 2000.00 on a fridge for it to cost more than 1000.00 in repairs only 2 years later.At first we thought maybe it was just making these terrible noises due to cooling down and it would stop eventually. I called Sears a couple days past the 30 days since we received it and they told me that I had to call Samsung and that it would be covered under my warranty. I advised that I didn't even know where it was to turn it on. I complained to Samsung and was informed that I "put" a heavy item on the bottom and that's why the plastic cracked. I've had refrigerators for years and NONE OF THEM EVER CRACKED!!! It constantly freezes up, ice cube maker doesn't work, the freezer door handle snapped the middle where doors close broke off.

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Water filters and refrigerator filters need to be replaced regularly.