My moms dating my boyfriends dad

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My moms dating my boyfriends dad

What was your family like when you were growing up?My parents had me when they were 18 — they met in high school and I was conceived on prom night.He criticized her for everything, including the way she dressed, cooked, and cleaned, while he sat on the couch watching TV.

one thing you should not do is let him come between you and you're mum. Apart from my mother, Dustin is the only person who can out-stubborn me, so I am caving, sort of. Reality never confronted my parents, and it thankfully never confronted my boyfriends much either. "I am going to pick you up at 7 a.m.," he said with finality. I've been thousands of miles away for so long, and so, too, have my relationships.They were serious for about six months but broke up while my mom was still pregnant with me. I think my mom’s psychological problems meant the relationship never really worked out.She has bipolar disorder and some other mental health issues.

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